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What is a Pulpotomy?

Pulpotomy or Pulp therapy is a necessary treatment if a deep cavity forms in a baby tooth and goes into the nerve (pulp) of the tooth. The treatment is recommended to save the tooth. The infected area of the pulp of the tooth would be removed to either treat or prevent an abscess from forming. A medicated filling would then be inserted into the nerve space of the tooth and a crown is used to cover the tooth. This process is similar to but not as complex as an adult root canal. By having the pulpotomy, we can prevent unnecessary loss of the tooth. Primary teeth are very important to save as they are needed for chewing, speaking, and serve as space savers for the developing permanent teeth. 

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Signs of Injured or Damaged Pulp?

Teeth, which are damaged by either traumatic injury or decay, can lead to pulp exposure that causes severe pain and swelling to the affected area.  Signs of inflamed or infected pulp include:

  • Sensitivity to hot or cold food temperatures

  • Swelling around the infected tooth

  • Constant or unexplained pain

  • Nighttime pain

If your child has any of these symptoms, please call our office at 610.664.7244 x 404.

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