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Emergency Treatments

What Are Children’s Emergency Dental Services?

Pediatric dentist emergency care includes any urgent dental services that quickly relieve a child’s oral pain. These services can also repair structural damage to a tooth or address other issues that could worsen if left untreated. We can also provide restorations and pain management solutions, if needed. Please call our office if your child requires the following services:

  • Emergency tooth removal

  • Treatment for oral pain, including toothaches or feelings of pressure

  • Repair of missing tooth crowns or fillings

  • Orthodontic discomfort caused by wires or brackets 

  • Treatment for dental infections

Avulsed (Knocked Out) Teeth in Children

One of the more severe forms of dental trauma is avulsion. Avulsion is when the tooth is knocked completely out of the socket. The most important factor for the success of an avulsed permanent adult tooth is time. The sooner a permanent tooth can be re-implanted, the better the prognosis. If a permanent tooth is avulsed it should be placed in a container of milk (to prevent the tooth from drying out) and the child should be brought to our office immediately. However, baby teeth that are knocked out should never be re-implanted because of risk of damage to underlying permanent adult teeth or infection.

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