Instead of... Child-friendly Term

Cavities/Decay – Sugar Bugs

Radiographs or x-rays – Pictures

Numb – Tooth is sleeping/taking a nap

Examination – Count teeth
Explorer or sharp instrument – Tooth counter
Suction – Mr. Thirsty or Thirsty Straw
Fluoride treatment – Tooth vitamins
Laughing gas/Nitrous Oxide – Magic air
Shot or use a needle – Bubble or Spray sleepy juice
Mouth prop – Tooth chair or pillow
Rubber dam – Raincoat or Tooth trampoline
Clamp – Tooth ring
Drill/Handpiece – Tooth whistler/ Tooth washer
Fillings/Restorations – Paint or polish
Pull or yank the tooth – Wiggle the tooth
A topical anesthetic – Tooth jelly

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